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Luke Skywalker: The Last Jedi Time had stopped. Luke Skywalker's eyes were fixing her, seeing right through her. She could barely move or think. She wasn't scared or intimidated, but in a trance. He wasn't pushing into her mind, as Kylo Ren had done; he was a welcomed presence, a soothing whisper around her, a bubble of warmth and peace. She could almost see the light around him, like an aura. But there was something else underneath, Shame, Guilt. And something deeper: sharp, mind-numbing doubt. He sighed and pressed his good fingers over his eyes. The other hand, a metallic implant bare of any skin, slipped inside his ragged white cloak. He seemed to be searching for words. At last, he let out a long breath. "They had to believe that I was the last of the Jedi." #starwars #episodeviii #thelastjedi #lukeskywalker